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University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

Department of Agrobiotechnology, IFA Tulln
Institute of Environmental Biotechnology

At the IFA-Tulln, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna, microbial metabolic pathways are researched to safeguard the quality of life and preserve natural resources. The institute has well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art analytical equipment and corresponding infrastructure such as anaerobic high-pressure reactors and incubators, large-scale test facilities and a pilot plant for fermentations. These prerequisites enable numerous research cooperations with industrial partners and successful implementation of scientific results.

In the Department of Geobiotechnology (Andreas P. Loibner), microbial processes that occur naturally in soils, aquifers and oil/natural gas reservoirs are investigated with regard to technical applications. Metabolic capabilities and interactions of specific microorganisms are systematically analysed and optimised for large-scale technical application.

Project goals

Within the framework of "Underground Sun Storage" and "Underground Sun Conversion", a well-founded portfolio of methods was developed, which is now being used for microbial monitoring within the framework of "USS 2030". The data collected from laboratory and field tests should enable conclusions to be drawn about potential microbial processes during the underground storage of hydrogen in order to be able to further formulate optimal process parameters for the loss-free storage of this energy carrier.

"Seasonal storage of renewable energy is a key element for a sustainable and climate-friendly energy supply. Underground storage facilities offer enormous storage capacity for gaseous energy carriers such as hydrogen. A comprehensive understanding of microbial processes in storage is a prerequisite for the safe use of existing capacities."

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