Underground Sun Storage 2030 - Start

Axiom angewandte Prozesstechnik GmbH is a family-owned, medium-sized, technology-oriented company with a focus on separation technologies, in particular on the application of membranes for various gas and liquid separation processes. Axiom has developed and successfully commercialised numerous new separation processes such as biogas upgrading, hydrogen recovery and EOR systems. Company activities cover the entire process implementation: Basic engineering, process integration, detail engineering, construction, commissioning and service. In addition, Axiom dedicates a significant part of its work to applied research and development with the aim of offering optimised separation processes for the modern and sustainable energy industry.

Project goals

As part of the research activities in work package 5, Axiom is developing a new process for conditioning the stored hydrogen in close cooperation with the project partners: Verbund AG and Vienna University of Technology. This is a hybrid process in the form of a combination of pressure swing adsorption and membrane. The ultimate goal of the work package is the implementation of the above-mentioned process at the RAG Austria gas storage facility.

"Hydrogen is the key to environmentally friendly and sustainable economic activity. Hydrogen produced by electrolysis can be stored in large quantities and is immediately available for metallurgy, mobility and chemical synthesis. Renewable generation and clever integration into diverse industries enable a successful transformation towards a modern, climate-neutral and competitive economy. With the Underground Sun Storage 2030 project, we are making a major contribution to this by demonstrating new ways of achieving the desired circular economy. "

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