Underground Sun Storage 2030 - Start

The research association WIVA P&G (Hydrogen Initiative Austria Power & Gas) has set itself the task of promoting climate-neutral hydrogen and green gases in Austria. An important point here is to coordinate the energy showcase region of the same name. As a central energy storage region, energy transport hub and important location for renewable energy sources, Austria is ideally suited as an energy model region.

In the coming years, WIVA P&G will demonstrate how Austrian technologies tested on the domestic market can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and thus not only serve the Austrian economy as an export hit, but also make a significant contribution to the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

"Due to the increasing production of fluctuating electricity from wind and sun, an annual balance is needed in the power supply. Energy storage in the form of molecules, and here especially hydrogen, is well suited for this. The USS 2030 project is an important step towards the long-term storage of electricity from renewable energies in order to create the seasonal balance.", says Horst Steinmüller.

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