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HyCentA Research GmbH

For more than 15 years, HyCentA has been involved in the research and development of hydrogen technologies. 45 experts in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, process engineering and industrial engineering cooperate with industry and research in national and international projects for the production, distribution, storage and applications of hydrogen. Fields of activity include research, engineering, simulation and testing of electrolysis technologies, gas storage systems, fuel cells, refuelling, measurement and safety systems. State-of-the-art R&D infrastructure includes test benches up to 1000 bar, a refuelling facility for cars, buses/trucks and the fuel cell test bench up to 160 kW.

Project goals

HyCentA will contribute its many years of experience for the planning, simulation and operating strategy of hydrogen production by electrolysis. In addition to safety aspects, this also includes optimising costs and efficiency in the context of the overall plant. A technical and economic analysis will improve the understanding of future plants and determine influences on availability, service life and costs.

"Hydrogen will play a crucial role in the future energy supply. HyCentA sees itself as a reliable partner of industry to drive systemic and technological improvements and support the transformation towards a climate-neutral hydrogen economy."

HyCentA Research GmbH

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