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voestalpine Stahl GmbH

voestalpine Stahl GmbH is the lead company of the Steel Division of the voestalpine Group. As a globally active manufacturer of high-quality steel products, the Steel Division plays a driving role in shaping a clean and livable future. In steel production, the Steel Division sets benchmarks in the current production route and is pursuing an ambitious step-by-step plan for climate-neutral steel production with greentec steel. With its high-quality steel strip, the Steel Division is the first port of call for renowned auto manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. It is also one of the most important partners to the European domestic and engineering industries. For the energy sector it produces heavy plate and cast products for applications in the most difficult conditions and offers tailored solutions for the expansion of renewable energy.

Project goals

For voestalpine, the possibility of using the stored hydrogen for "green steel production" is of great importance. In the project, the gas flows are being examined in this regard with the aim of creating a concept for optimal large-scale use.

The future hydrogen infrastructure places high demands on the required materials. The project also aims to find and evaluate suitable steel grades for this purpose.

“With greentec steel, voestalpine has a clear plan to decarbonize steel production: in a first step – starting in 2027 – the existing blast furnace process will be partially replaced by a hybrid electric steel process, and subsequently the use of green hydrogen in the steelmaking process will be gradually increased in order to be able to produce CO2-neutral steel by 2050. The Group is conducting research into various technologies, and the “USS 2030“ project will also provide important findings for this.“

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